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CozySpot Mini Air Humidifier

CozySpot Mini Air Humidifier

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Introducing our Mini Air Humidifier—an essential companion for those seeking portable, efficient, and convenient solutions to combat dry air. This pint-sized powerhouse is designed to provide a breath of fresh, moisturized air wherever you go, ensuring a comfortable environment no matter the size of your space.

Portability Redefined: The Mini Air Humidifier is a game-changer for on-the-go comfort. Its compact design and lightweight build make it effortlessly portable, allowing you to bring the benefits of improved air quality with you wherever you roam. Whether at the office, in your car, or during travel, enjoy the soothing effects of this mini marvel.

Efficient Humidification: Don't be fooled by its size—this mini humidifier packs a punch when it comes to adding moisture to the air. Perfect for personal spaces, the Mini Air Humidifier releases a fine, cool mist that quickly combats dryness, helping to alleviate discomfort caused by dry air, especially in environments with air conditioning or heating.

Whisper-Quiet Operation: Say goodbye to noisy appliances that disrupt your peace. The Mini Air Humidifier operates with a whisper-quiet hum, ensuring a tranquil environment wherever you are. Whether you're working, studying, or resting, this unobtrusive device quietly enhances the air around you without creating any unwanted noise.

Subtle Aesthetics: Designed with simplicity and elegance in mind, the Mini Air Humidifier seamlessly blends into any setting. Its sleek and unassuming appearance adds a touch of modernity to your space without stealing the spotlight. The focus remains on the comfort it brings, subtly enhancing your surroundings.

Easy Operation and Low Maintenance: User-friendly features make the Mini Air Humidifier a hassle-free addition to your daily routine. With simple controls, easy refilling, and minimal maintenance requirements, this compact humidifier ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of humidified air without any added stress.

Embrace the power of compact comfort with the Mini Air Humidifier—a small wonder that proves great things come in small packages. Enhance your personal spaces with efficient, portable humidification, and experience the refreshing difference it brings to the air you breathe. Wherever life takes you, let the Mini Air Humidifier be your trusted companion for a breath of fresh, moisturized air. 


Power (W): 2W

Voltage (V): 5V

Noise: <36db

Capacity: <1L

Use: USB

Mist Outlet Quantity: One/a

Installation: Mini

Function: Other

Application: 41-60㎡

Humidity Control: Touch-tone

Power Type: USB

Shape: Other

Classification: Humidification

Operation Method: TWIST

Choice: yes


Material: ABS
Power supply: USB
Water tank capacity: 300ml
Working voltage: DC 5V
Color: Blue, Pink, White
Applicable area: 10-20 square meters
Weight: 110g


1. SUPER QUIET: Runs quietly. It would not be disruptive while you sleep
2. Large capacity,dry protection, infiltration and Moisturizing
3. Automatic power failure protection,anti-dry
4. Mini size, lightweight and compact, easy to carry

Package included:

1 x Humifider
1 x USB Cable

Soft light

Soft warm light with 2w poweris comfortable and not harsh on the eyes

Exquisite Purifying Humidifier

Fill your home with the fresh airof a deep forest at any time

Help you take bettercare of your baby at night

Breast feeding, diaper changing turn on at the touch of a button. Don't disturb baby's sleep

Compact and portable

USB portable charging

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